Need Cheap Transportation? Get an Electric Bike

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Want something so efficient it would make a Prius look like a Hummer? Think electric.

Electricity will soon take over transportation. Its cleaner, its cheaper, and it is unimaginably more efficient. The vehicle leading the charge right now is the electric bike.

Electric bikes are awesome adaptations to the normal manually driven bike. They have great range (5-15 miles is average) and speed. some commercial brands like crystallite go over thirty miles an hour.

And here’s a secret that will make your bike more powerful and more speedy: Make your Own!

It’s not as scary as you think. In fact, if you have five hundred dollars and a few power tools, you can make a very good electric bike all by yourself. Just look up the plethora of forums, blogs, and project hobbyists and you will have the resources you need to choose however you want to make it.

You can even find designs for seventy two volts of power and ITS EASY TO BUILD!

However, if you feel better just buying one, there is another option at least as good. Get a bike kit. These things sound complicated but I’ve studied different brands and the truth is, they are SO SIMPLE. The power may be slightly reduced than a build your own but the super bonus is your system will be absolutely robust. I personally suggest crystallite hub mounted kits because of their raw power but there are many great sets. Honestly, people have a blast putting hub mounted electric motors in their kits.

There is one more option if

a you don’t know what electricity is or are terrified of it

b you just like spending money on gizmos and gadgest.

There are prebuilt models out there but unfortunately, I have to give you a dire warning about them!. They are mostly JUNK!

Yep, JUNK. If you are a pretty shrewd person and know your stuff I might suggest getting one but if you are that level you are better off building your own or getting a hub-mount. The truth is that bikes on the market have terrible range, pathetic speed, funny to weird designs, and in general just don’t pack the punch that you should have. Take my word and just get a hub mount with some power.

These are the future folks. E-bikes are fast, efficient eco-friendly and frankly they are an absolute blast to ride! I seriously recommend it. Soon electric cars and trucks will be a common thing on the road but until then, build your electric bike!


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